Harrison Mayes and Unique Forms of Evangelism

I was watching an old episode of American Pickers where they visited an Appalachian Folk Art Museum.

One of the pieces they came across were corked bottles with salvation tracts in them from a guy named Harrison Mayes.

Apparently Mayes dedicated his life to the Lord’s service when he got trapped in a coal mine. If the Lord would get him out, he would serve the Lord the rest of his life.

The Lord did. So, Harrison did.

One of his preferred means of serving the Lord was to do various pieces of folk art with messages like, “Jesus is coming soon” and “Prepare to Meet God.”

Many of these pieces of art still stand today.



His goal was to put some of these pieces of art on the moon and various other planets. One of the most unique pieces is this bike:


Unfortunately, Harrison never got to ride his bike on the moon or any other planet besides earth.

Here is a link to a guy who has done much research on Harrison.

Here is a link to his flicker page with various Harrison sites around the country.

Although I can’t say I’d take up that form of evangelism, it is quirky and somehow cool! A man with a plan, even if the plan was a tad kooky.

What are your thoughts on such means of evangelism?

2 thoughts on “Harrison Mayes and Unique Forms of Evangelism”

  1. My folks and I were in the Appalachians when we saw a sign on the edge of the road. No guard rail, just this sign (“Prepare to Meet Thy God”) next to a drop-off. On the other side of the road was a huge rockface going straight up. I wonder if that was oneof hus? of his?

  2. If that was one of his, it made us remember with trepidation those words for decades. I guess his plan worked because his signs got on national TV and on the internet. And it gets people to think.

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