You Can do Anything You Put Your Mind to, Unless you are Genetically Predisposed not To

One of the cool things about learning God’s wisdom is that you don’t have to take seriously the world’s wisdom. This is great because you can then become a passive observer of the world’s inanity.

The world’s wisdom is indeed foolish.

Here’s one bit that I have noticed this past week.

Our world is filled with the philosophical wisdom that we can “do anything we put our minds to.” Just believe in yourself and you can do anything. You have the power to make your dreams come true.

So, we have this rah-rah, humans are great, go take on the world stuff going on.

At the same time we have genetic fatalism. More and more, who we are as people is blamed on genetics. Murderers are genetically predisposed, drug addicts are genetically predisposed, homosexuals are genetically predisposed.

They can’t help it, they have to do it because microscopic genes told them they had to.

Anyone see any contradiction here?

So, can we do anything we put our minds to, or do we just have to do what genetics tell us to do? Are we really that amazing with our abilities to overcome obstacles if microscopic gene mutations keep us down?

Christian ministries to homosexuals get criticized because “it’s not sin, they can’t help it, it’s in their genes.”

Perhaps we should change our tactic, “I believe in you. If you put your mind to it, you can overcome anything, even genes.” Perhaps that would fly better. use their own logic to defeat their own logic.

Somehow I doubt it. Sin has a way of entrenching itself and making people dumb.


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  1. There’s also the dichotomy between, “rah-rah, humans are great” and “humans are horrid creatures that are wrecking nature and really the animals and plants are better than we are.”

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