One Main Reason People Avoid Knowing God Through Christ

The Son, Jesus Christ, is the only one who can reveal God, the Father, to a person.

With all the talk of God these days, one would think Jesus would have many followers, but He does not. Why do so many want to play games with knowing God, but so few want to know Him through Christ?

–People blow themselves up crashing airplanes into buildings to know God.

–People live in caves and eat bread and drink water for years to know God.

–People whip themselves to know God.

–People obsessively keep rules that some guys made up to know God.

Why are people so willing to do that, but so few are willing to come to Christ?

Remember, Christ says when you come to Him He reveals the Father to you, and this gives you rest.

Why is rest thrown away for laborious effort that does nothing more than make you obsess over yourself and take you further from God? Isn’t it easier just to come to Christ?

Apparently not. The long list of religious duties people keep shows us that knowing Christ must not be all that pleasant for some reason.

I think I know why: As Christ reveals the Father to you, He also reveals you to you. Having yourself revealed to you makes you aware of your SIN.

That aint no fun. Most would rather observe days, beat themselves with a whip, and live in a cave than deal with sin and guilt.

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