W. E. Vine–Christ Did Not Keep the Law For You

I read the Bible a lot. Based on my reading, I come up with theories. I then test out my theories, lots of times on this blog.

Occasionally I come up with something I haven’t heard other people say, which doesn’t mean no one else has said it, mostly it means I never paid attention when people said it before!

For the last couple years I’ve been thinking about this atonement stuff, particularly the idea that “Christ kept the law for me,” or that “Christ’s deeds are added to my account.” I have never seen those things in Scripture, but so many people say them.

The other day, in preparing my sermon on Galatians 4, I was reading in Vine’s Commentary on Galatians by W. E. Vine, also author of Vine’s Dictionary, and came across this:

Neither the incarnation of the Son of God, nor His keeping of the Law in the days of His flesh availed, in whole or in part, for the redemption of men. Apart from the Incarnation death would have been impossible for Him; hence this was the condition necessary for the accomplishment of the redemption, but was itself no part of that redemption.

“His redemption work began and ended on the Cross; accordingly the statement of the Savior’s relation to sin is invariably made in terms that confine that relationship to His death. Hence it is nowhere said in the New Testament that Christ kept the law for us.

The fact that Mr. Vine said this doesn’t mean it’s true, but it does mean I’m not the only on who has ever expressed such thoughts, and that’s encouraging!