Why Young Men Go to Church and Don’t Die in the Grand Canyon

The vast majority of people who die in the Grand Canyon are men, most are between the ages of 18-30, and many of those were by themselves when they met their demise.

Men that age believe they are invincible, when they don’t have others around them speaking words of caution to them, they do really, really stupid things.

This is the conclusion of a book I read on people who die in the Grand Canyon.

However, one element that was never brought up about these numbers, is that young men between the ages of 18-30 are probably the largest population of people who are by themselves in the Grand Canyon.

For every 18-30 year-old guy who died in the Grand Canyon, there are thousands who didn’t die.

Young men are awesome. If you are a man and don’t realize how awesome you are, you have some growth in awesome to do.

Yes, some young men do really dumb things with their awareness of awesomeness, but many others do incredibly cool things. Things that now that I am nearly a 40-year old man, I wish I had done when I were younger.

One of the downsides of confidence is doing dumb things. But one of the upsides is that wow, you can be impressive.

Not long ago I read a book on the early American church, back in Puritan, colonist days. They used the stat that 70% of church attendees were females then!

Men not going to church is not a new thing. Quite frequently, young men are out being awesome. Young men were protecting their families and property. Many were dead from wars and skirmishes.

Unfortunately, a place that is largely attended by women, becomes less and less appealing to men. Pastors, over the years, have often been rather feminine “men.” Having the leaders of a church be soft, prissy guys has not helped one thing in keeping men in church.

Church isn’t thrilling, nor do I think it’s supposed to be. Church is a time of rest and refreshment. The week was supposed to have sapped your spiritual energy. You went to church to be fed, to fellowship with like-minded folks, and get recharged to take on the world again.

The source of the food was to be the Word of God, the thing we live by rather than bread alone. Unfortunately, the Word gets watered down and instead of feasting on heavenly bread, we get stale, half-baked, watery goo. This satisfies no one.

Men need challenge. Men need tough stuff to chew on. Men need opportunity to apply this stuff. Men need to see that they have a crucial role in society, in the family and in the Body of Christ and church can feed them to be ready for these challenges.

Men are underestimated. Over the years, the cause of feminism has conflicted many a guy. Many men have no idea how to be strong anymore, and the Church has failed them by not being strong either.

1 John shows the Apostle John saying, “I have written unto you, young men, because ye are strong, and the word of God abideth in you, and ye have overcome the wicked one.”

That’s a man.

Young men are awesome. Let em be awesome. Strengthen them further to overcome the vilest enemy in the world. Then celebrate them. Many young men have climbed in and out of the Grand Canyon in one day (Round trip about 25 miles). That is awesome.

Celebrate the strength of young men. Feed their strength. Give them opportunity to use that strength.

There’s a fine line between awesome and stupid. Don’t be afraid to let em mess with that line!