Why Young Men Don’t go to Church but do Frequently Die in the Grand Canyon

My family took a trip to the Grand Canyon a month ago. In preparation, I read books about people dying there so I could freak my son out so he’d be careful. It worked.

Over the Edge: Death in the Grand Canyon is an accounting of all the people who have died there. It studies the cases and looks for patterns, so that others can avoid the same fate.

What leads to death in the Grand Canyon?

Males are overwhelmingly leaders in dying in the Grand Canyon. Being a male is a huge strike against you.

Being a male between the ages of 18 and 30 seems to also be a problem.

Furthermore, being a male between 18 and 30 who is hiking alone is as good as dead.

Men are morons.

If you’re a man and don’t realize you’re a moron, you’re an even bigger moron.

Young men are the height, the pinnacle, of moronicness.

Young men who are not surrounded by other people convince themselves they know what they are doing. Without another voice saying “Um, are you sure about that?” they will have unrestrained moronicness.

Men take shortcuts, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Men don’t heed warnings. Men often bite off more than they can chew, and then get stuck with irreversible consequences of bad choices.

Every man begins life as a young man, a pure moron. Young men are under the assumption that they can solve all their problems, that they are invincible. They believe “If I can think it; I can do it.” Young men don’t listen very well. “If I know everything, why should I listen to you?”

Young men don’t go to church because young men think they can handle everything. They have little ability to connect decisions of the present with results in the future. They have an ability to believe that just because I got hurt doing this last time, I just might get away with it this time.

Young men don’t think they need other people. Young men do really dumb things when no one else restrains them. Young men get stuck in irreversible lives and can’t back off their decisions and will continue to press on in their idiocy rather than admit they blew it and need help.

Young men don’t go to church because they don’t think they need it. They think they have everything under control and church is just so much blah, blah, blah warnings and too much thinking about the future rather than the fun or money I can have now.

Yet young men are probably THE GROUP of people who most desperately need a group of other people who can keep them in check, encourage them to grow in wisdom, and keep them from the sins that so easily beset.


2 thoughts on “Why Young Men Don’t go to Church but do Frequently Die in the Grand Canyon”

  1. I think that you’re onto something. Only not the same thing you think you’re onto. I think you are onto the fact that young men are bored in church. Heck, I’m 40 and I’m bored to tears. My wife is probably also bored to tears.

    Although she would not be likely to hike into the a Grand Canyon. I, however, would be likely to do so. Not because I’m a moron and because I have it all figured out. But because it seems exciting and intriguing to my sense of adventure, as opposed to staring at the backs of heads for 2 hours on a Sunday morning.

    I endorse mentorship, particularly of a spiritual nature. So, I would not hike the Grand Canyon alone. I would do so with someone wiser and whom I trust.

  2. The attempt is to find “what the church can do” to fix this and I think the answer is, Not much. I have seen programs designed for men with “adventure” and “war” and “macho” and it just seems to make a joke of the Bible.

    It starts with Dad, as in biological fathers, taking Christianity seriously, showing the impact of faith on life. It carries on with men in church being good role models and willing to work with the young guys. As far as the church changing, the only change I would make is if I were in an overly feminish (by which I mean–appeals to women) church I would knock that off.

    The Church makes a mistake when it tries to appeal to certain people over other people. I don’t like macho church any more than I like womanish church. Preach the Word, have the members of the Body live the word, that’s what the church does. Young men won’t go to that either!

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