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  1. I think I get the gist of what you are saying, but when you say Christ is taking away the law (at around 18 min.) That doesn’t seem right to me because of Matt. 5:17-48. Can you help me?

  2. Yup. Jesus’ death and resurrection takes away the condemnation of the law. He removes the thing that condemns us. The law, used generically, basically means every word that God speaks, which will never pass away. But the condemnation of the law is removed because of God’s grace as received through the Gospel.

    Christ becoming a curse of the law and then overcoming that curse renders the law powerless to Christ–He is the embodiment of the word of God. Therefore, we are saved by faith in Him; not by obedience to words written in stone.

    Paul will go on in Galatians 5 about fulfilling the law with love and fulfilling the law of Christ, by love serving one another. Law as a principle will always remain. law as a condemner will not. But apart from Christ, a person is still under the law and its condemnation.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Also, Galatians 4, which sermon will be posted soon, goes on to say that the law was a schoolmaster (Gal 3 actually), and was a tutor and governor for the young child, but the full-grown mature son doesn’t.

    It’s not that the law goes away all together; it’s that CHrist removes it for the believer, we don’t need the written word per se, because we have the living word, the Word made flesh. The law will last forever and be a judge, but for the believer, Christ has taken it out of the way.

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