Compassed About and Sin that so Easily Besets

Sin is an offense to God. Anything that is done against what God says is sin. If God never said anything, there would be no chance for sin. “With no law there is no transgression.”

As great as it is that God said stuff (how else would we be able to know Him?); it’s also a bummer, because we can then choose to go against Him.

The fact that we sin based on what God said, does not mean what God said is at fault, nor that God made us do it, nor that what God said is somehow unholy. The law is holy, just and good, but we are sold under sin.

We’re idiots.

We’ve taken God’s efforts to reveal Himself to us, and instead used it to rebel against Him. That’s so dumb.

Unfortunately, sin is all around us and even in us. We’re born into a sinful system where the moment of our conception also marks the moment we begin to die. We are born selfishly desiring to look out for ourselves.

A very mighty power is necessary to get us to live for something other than our own advancement and enjoyment.

That power is the grace of Jesus Christ.

But grace doesn’t just pop in and say, “OK, man, I’ve got it from here. You just sit back and enjoy the ride. I’ll take care of everything!”

Nope, there is still responsibility on our part.

That is a giant bummer to most people and many theologies have been devised to try to explain away human responsibility. I advise you not to go there. We will give an account for everything done in the body, whether good or bad. That’s the definition of “responsibility.”

Sin gets in the way of our progress toward God. Hebrews 12:1,2 tells us we keep pressing toward the end, keep looking to Jesus. There are a host of other faithful ones who went before us, they showed the way, they lived for a better land, you can too!

Interesting thing in Hebrews 12:1. He talks about being “compassed about” by a great cloud of witnesses, the faithful roll call of Hebrews 11.

Compassed about is a phrase from a Greek word meaning to lie all around, to fully encircle.

Later in the verse we are told to lay aside every weight and the sin that “so easily besets us.” Beset is from a Greek word meaning to stand all around.

So, get this! During our race of faith, we are surrounded by two things–first, there are faithful witnesses lying all around us. Second, there is sin standing all around us!

I don’t know entirely what to do with all that, but that’s cool! We’re surrounded by both good and bad, the difference is made in which of those things will you be looking at? Which one will you put off and which one will you follow?

Will we look at the sinful opportunities to indulge the flesh, or will we look to those who denied the fleshly lusts and lived for the world to come?

We should be choosing the one that helps us get to Christ quickest.

Graciously Christ offered Himself. He opened and completed faith. A great crowd of witnesses has already finished and gone on to Christ in the better country. We follow them there with the same end in mind.

Cool stuff.