Bible Trivia and Biblical Literacy

As we all know, biblical literacy is at an all-time low, even though they’ve only been testing biblical literacy for about 20 years. Kind of like global warming statistics, how do they know how cold winter was in Wisconsin 200 years ago?

Pastors like to badger their people for how little they know, because this makes pastor’s feel special because we like to think we do know. So we flop out ridiculous Bible trivia questions to prove our point.

Is quizzing people on Bible trivia the best measure of Bible literacy? Probably not.

“And here’s my real concern. If we tell people that biblical literacy is a problem (which it is) and then equate biblical literacy with Bible trivia, many will conclude that it’s not really a problem because they can just get the trivia answers online. That may work for trivia, but not for real literacy.

“A Google search can’t immerse you in the story, helping you reflect on the bigger themes, gradually transforming you into the image of the Son, changing the way you view the entire world as a result. Google can do many things, but it can’t do that.

“If you know the trivia, great. The devil isn’t in the details, it’s in the way that we sometimes use the details to neglect the story itself. Biblical literacy is far more than Bible trivia. And suggesting otherwise contributes to the problem, not the solution.”

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