Noah Movies, Duck Dynasty and Hollywood Christianity

Noah is the newest “biblical” story to be put into Hollywood film form.

I would strongly urge all Christians to avoid all attempts to Hollywoodize anything from the Bible.

Since Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, Hollywood found out they could make a buck off Christians. Since then they have capitalized on the filthy-rich Christians willing to watch movies.

Duck Dynasty has shown the power of Christian tv watching, so much so that The History Channel did a series on the Bible.

I encourage all Christians, please, please, do not take your notions of the Bible from anything you see in a movie or a television show.

I don’t want Hollywood to cover the Bible just as much as I don’t want the public schools to teach creationism.

What? What kind of nut job are you?

A nut job who doesn’t want people who don’t understand the Bible to portray the Bible!

Our world is filled with entertainment. Christians, in large part, fund plenty of the world’s entertainment. We feel guilty about it, so we feel better if we attend a movie about something or other to do with the Bible.

“I can support God by going to a movie! How sweet is this?! I may even allow myself to skip church this week seeing as how I watched Duck Dynasty and a Noah movie!”

Separation from the world means separation. Come out from among them and be separate doesn’t mean “Come out from among them unless they throw you a Bible bone.”

But shouldn’t Christians vote with their dollars on the kind of stuff Hollywood puts out?

No. Christians should vote with their dollars and be largely ambivalent to Hollywood and give to the poor.

You didn’t just say that?

I did.

But you didn’t mean it though, right? I mean, you did like that Pixar movie that one time. You have a TV you raving lunatic pharisee.

Yup, it’s true. I have gone to movies. I went to one last year, the second stupid Hobbit movie. I do have a tv, and unlike lots of people, I will even admit to watching it.

I have even watched Duck Dynasty and think Si is a hoot.

But watching television that is wholesome and supporting movies that pretend to be about the Bible is not a spiritual act of worship, nor are we doing anything for God. All we do is give money to people who mock us while using us.

My advice: Read the Bible to find out what the Bible says. Don’t get your Bible knowledge from tv or movies.

My advice: Don’t ever assume that what you are watching on tv or in a theater is somehow serving the Lord or “helping His cause.” Love is what helps His cause, not spiritually warmed over materialism.

We need less noise and entertainment in the world; not more, even if it is quasi-Christian noise and entertainment.

“Be still and know that I am God” applies to us.