Can True Christianity Ever “Go Viral’?

Jesus said if you want to be the greatest, serve. Serving gets little attention in our world. Few, if any, celebrities have achieved celebrity status because of their high levels of service to others.

Generally, people become celebrities by looking out for themselves, playing the necessary games to get known and then milk it, milk it, milk it. Once celebrity is achieved, then they do “service,” as long as cameras are around.

Yes, that was all very cynical, but still, it’s about right.

I don’t think following Christ fits in with celebrity. Even Jesus fought against the celebrity He was getting–constantly told people not to tell others who He was, he left when they tried to make Him king, He kept His mouth shut when questioned about His kingship.

Which takes me to this article:

“On Sunday night, I had the great privilege of seeing my grandfather cross the finish line. Like so many pilgrims before him, he crossed the river of death and met the Savior on the other side. One moment he was sucking stale air through an oxygen mask; the next moment he was inhaling the glories of heaven.

By worldly standards, my grandpa wasn’t great. He didn’t have a single Facebook friend or Twitter follower. He never wrote a book, never spoke at a conference, never created a viral video. He didn’t have a popular blog. He never played a Super Bowl halftime show, never participated in the Olympics, never was featured in an inspirational segment on ESPN.”

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