Pastor’s Kids, Katy Perry, Church and My kids

Pastor’s kids have long had a bad reputation. Living in the home of a pastor presents various troubles for a youth. Pastors are human and react humanly to things other humans do.

Kids take this all in. Church can be a PK’s biggest enemy in life, and Christianity can be the worst group of people in the world, since that seems to be the group that is ruining their parent’s life.

I am a pastor’s kid and had much resentment toward the church and the “Christians” who made my dad’s life miserable. Thankfully, I was also taught reality about sin and the need for the Gospel. Rather than whine and quit, I became strengthened to try to help out.

Not all pastor’s kids respond this way. Katy Perry is the latest famous PK who has walked away from the faith, saying she no longer believes in God.

As I progress through my career as a pastor and attempt to raise three kids into adults, I fear for them as well. The biggest things I try to do for them is to be honest about church stuff, be upfront about the problems, but also upfront about forgiveness.

I spend time with them, maybe too much. I talk things through and try to help them think. I also try to develop a life for them outside of church, let them be in the world and let them see that the world is way crummier than your church!

I am also blessed to have great people in my church who my kids can honestly look up to. In the end, a church made up of phonies is going to turn kids off, whether they are related to the pastor or not.

My desire has always been to have a real church doing the real ministry of the Body of Christ, not just a group of people who pat each other on the back for our good acting skills, while stabbing each other in the back.

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