Two Main Proofs You Are Saved

Many people have the idea that Christianity is about avoiding big time sins. We have a list of sins that are worser than others:

Sex out of wedlock

Certainly these sins are sins and to be avoided, no denying that, but perhaps the main reason we like to pick on them is because we don’t do them, or at least have few opportunities to indulge in them.

When one looks at the Bible and gets to the core of Christian virtue, one will note there are two huge, oft-repeated areas of life the Bible emphasizes to prove spiritual life is present:

1) Control of your mouth
2) What you do with your stuff and your money

These two issues come up all the time throughout our day. The number of times you have had to murder people in life is much less than how often you have dealt with these two issues. Even murderers don’t murder that frequently!

The number of opportunities you have to commit adultery or have an abortion are few compared with the number of times you open your mouth throughout the day.

True evidence of Christ in you is not just that you avoid certain sins, but that the life of Christ transforms your speech from vain words to wholesome speech, and transforms your view of the world and the things of the world from selfish living to selfless giving.

Be careful about sin checklists as proof of your salvation. Rather, look to see if you are living by faith. Your mouth reveals your heart. Your spending reveals your heart. New hearts are what we need and they transform lives.