Creationism, Evolution, AIDS and Abortion

Bill Nye the science guy and creationist, Ken Ham, had a debate the other night. It’s all the rage right now. Creationists think Ham won and the other side, whatever they’re called, thinks Nye won.

Which is why I never watch debates.

I have never gotten sucked into the creationism debate. Neither side was present at creation, so whatever side you’re on, you go by faith. The Book of Hebrews even says so: “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God.”

My goal is to bring people to faith in Jesus Christ and I’ll let the “how the world got here” fact take care of itself. Which if a person has faith in God and faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, faith will have you believe God created the world as Genesis says.

All that being said, people who supposedly value science and bash Christians for rejecting science by embracing Creationism, aren’t very good at embracing science. I know the “science side” has lots of people in it from different backgrounds and, inevitably, I am miscategorizing some with this, but alas, it’s just a thought.

Many non-creationists hold to more liberal (as opposed to conservative) ideas. There are very few who think God created the world in 6 days who have liberal views on anything. Yet it is typically liberals who deny science on most other issues.

There are any number of examples I could use, I’ll just pick a couple.

–Abortion has been scientifically proven to cause cancer in women who get abortions. But even saying that puts you in hot water because it’s not very nice to women’s right to choose or something. Liberal philosophy trumps scientific warnings about abortion.

–Abortion, the killing of a fetus, is taking a human life. This is obvious from any scientific rationale that it defies logic to ignore this. Again, it’s only with some messed up philosophy that this scientific fact is called into question.

–AIDS is a disease of homosexuals and drug users who use needles. That’s the primary population it affects. Yet we’re continually told that everyone is susceptible to this disease, so as not to stigmatize homosexuality. (Yes, I know about blood transfusion.) It’s not a heterosexual disease, science proves that, yet science is denied to make some philosophical point.

Point being–people who supposedly love science so much and bash Creationists for denying science, should try to be a little more consistent.


One thought on “Creationism, Evolution, AIDS and Abortion”

  1. i was rooting for Ham but he lost. He lost because he let Nye control the debate. Ham squandered his big opportunity to put Nye on the defensive by punching solid holes in the evolution narrative. But instead, Ham offered no such evidence — not because the evidence doesn’t exist but because Ham is bad debater. When Nye got his shot, he took it, listing things that he believes are way older that 10,000 years.

    Any creationist who believes Ham won is delusional.

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