What’s Your Pastor Been Up To?

Here are some current news stories involving pastors. Good to see the Lord’s work being done so faithfully.

–A Christian pastor has been killed by a lynch mob in northern Nigeria after a schoolgirl was mutilated and killed. . . The pastor died on his way to hospital. The crowd apparently accused him and another man of killing the girl for ritual purposes.

A pastor at a ministry for homeless people has been accused of luring a man to a Denver motel by offering sex and then claiming to be a U.S. marshal while handcuffing and robbing the victim, authorities said Wednesday.

A pastor charged with killing three people during a robbery at a Danville pawn shop, is due in court Tuesday.

Mark Lewis, 39, pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church, entered the Fairfield courtroom from a holding cell following his most recent arrest on Friday on allegations that he fraudulently used the church as collateral to post bail. Lewis was first arrested on Jan. 10, a day after police said that a Molotov cocktail was hurled through a window of his ex-girlfriend’s home on Chateau Circle.

A northern Indiana pastor and his wife have earned a placed in the Guinness Book of World Records by setting an unusual — and painful — world record. John and Amy Bruney became the new champs last week in Guinness’ category of one person skipping rope on a bed of nails that’s resting on top of another person.

Those people in my church wondering what I did this week, well, I didn’t make the news, I can tell you that. I read a really bad theology book during the Super Bowl. I worked at the food pantry. Attended a funeral. Shoveled lots of snow off my roof, and then did the regular weekly stuff I do. That’s about it.


One thought on “What’s Your Pastor Been Up To?”

  1. Is it that most pastors are loony or the media picks the “colorful”ones to write about or both? If that is what it takes to make the news, I’m glad you’re not in the news. It’s the moth that goes to the flame that gets noticed. The one that simply does what God wants him to, may never be noticed but he also never gets too close to destruction.

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