Jesus Shows Up on Woman’s Bruised Toe

Been a while since we’ve had one of these: A Jesus sighting!

Oh yes, you thought Jesus was firmly seated at the right hand of God in heaven, but how wrong you are! Jesus enjoys showing up in all manner of places.

Perhaps today’s sighting is the epitome of the lowliness and humility of the Son of God. Could He possible find a lower place to reveal Himself?

“After falling down the stairs last weekend, Osuna’s toes became thoroughly bruised. She asked her fiancé to rub some dirt onto her toes. However, this was no ordinary dirt. It was dirt from a pilgrimage to the Catholic shrine in Chimayo.

“She wrapped her dirt-smothered foot in bandages and when she took the bandages off, there was Jesus, staring back at her from the bruise on her toe. Her family pointed out to her that the bruise looked just like the image of Jesus Christ.”

And yes, there is photographic proof:

Which raises one of the things in life that grosses me out–toenail polish. I find that to be disgusting. Totally robs Jesus of glory in this photo as well.

3 thoughts on “Jesus Shows Up on Woman’s Bruised Toe”

  1. First of all, toenails are disgusting without nail polish.
    Secondly, I’m glad I didn’t have dirt I was supposed to rub on my bruise after my recent fall down steps. Awkward.

  2. and such a comment it was, too!

    but i soldiered on and it only took me ten minutes to get stupid wordpress to recognize me. there’s something really goofy about it – i don’t get it. but now that i know the way in, oh be ready, brother, be ready.

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