If You Only Knew How Patient I Am Being

Patience is a virtue. Patience is in short supply. Patience is hard. It’s especially hard when a guy writes blog posts that people have the nerve to disagree with. What is wrong with you people?

And yet, I know what is wrong with you people: you’re all too dumb to see my brilliance. Therefore, I, the one who actually has a clue, put up with the rest of y’all.

Here’s the thing about patience though, if you have to tell people how patient you are being with them, you’re actually not patient at all.

“Long-suffering,” I think, is a better, more descriptive word for patience, although I’m sure some know-it-all will explain to me with etymology and English derivatives how “long-suffering” is actually the stupidest word to use for patience because of the 5th century Latin blah, blah, blah.

Put a sock in it ya know-it-all jerk.

OK, where was I. Ah yes, long suffering. Long suffering means to suffer a long time. If you are doing the right thing and suffering for it, it’s actually worth it, a reason to rejoice, the Bible tells us.

If you suffer for doing wrong, well, that’s called “duh, what did you think was gonna happen?”

It amuses me how many people want credit for their long-suffering. How many parents want to rub their patience with their kids into their kids’ face. “If you only knew, how much I worked for you, and I do this because I love you and all I get is broken dishes? Broken dishes? That’s what I get out of this? If you only knew how much patience I use to even live in the same house with you.”

Yeah, you’re done. See, that’s not patience. That might be grin and bear it fortitude to some extent, but it’s not patience.

Patience does the right thing because the right thing should be done. When you do the right thing for the right reason, you don’t need the reward or sympathy of people, you merely rejoice that your Father in heaven who sees in secret will reward you.

Because of the reward from your Father that is coming, you do the right thing without rubbing it in people’s faces, nor seeking attention and sympathy for your great sacrifice of patience.

If patience in your life feels more like poor-me-sacrifice, then you’re not really being patient. Thayer’s Definitions defines patience as “the characteristic of a man who is not swerved from his deliberate purpose and his loyalty to faith and piety by even the greatest trials and sufferings.”

Patience is tied in with doing the right thing. Patience is not done to be acknowledged; patience is done because what you are doing is the right thing to do.

If you disagree, go take a long walk off a short stick suspended over a giant barrel of ravenous, man-eating lions, ya moron.

3 thoughts on “If You Only Knew How Patient I Am Being”

  1. “Jerk” here … Sounds like you’re in a good – but dangerous – place Jeff. Stay humble and keep up the excellent work as best you can. No more disagreeing (disagreeable) comments from me to hold you back, but look for me overt near the flames in the back row of Heaven when you get there and we can both have a great chuckle about all manner of stuff we thought was vitally important. Bless ya!

  2. No need to take my comments personally. Just having a bit of fun. I had mentioned the idea of patience not being patient when we belabor how patient we are at a Bible study last night so wrote it up and just used the blog as an example. No worries. Just trying to have some fun making a point I see in my own weakness.

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