When “Just Look To The Lord” Is Bad Advice

“It is not enough to say, as so many do, that, whatever may happen to us, we have just to ‘look to the Lord’ and all will be well. I assert that that is not true, and that it is not true in the experience of the people who teach it.

“It is unscriptural teaching. Were that the only thing we have to do, many of these scriptures would be quite unnecessary; we would not need them at all.

“If all we have to do is ‘just to look to the Lord,’ the Epistles need never have been written; but they have been written, and they were written by men inspired by the Holy Spirit. Why?

“The answer is that they were written for our instruction, in order to teach us how to live, and what they tell us, in a sense, is that there is essential discipline in the Christian life.

“One of the saddest features in the lives of certain types of Christian at the present time is that they seem to have lost sight of this aspect of faith”

–Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Faith Tried and Triumphant(one of the best books I’ve read recently)