Why People Don’t Trust Pastors

A recent poll ranked professions and how much people trust them. The medical profession ranks near the top of the list, which is ironic to me since one of the major causes of death in America today is medical incompetence.

At least pastors aren’t killing people. Well, at least they aren’t killing that many people.

There are, no doubt, many reasons why pastors are sinking lower and lower in this poll as the years go by. I came across this list of 11 Reasons Why People Don’t Trust Pastors and thought it did a very nice job, about as well as I could have done!

It used to be that pastors were the go to people in a community. They were generally viewed as being wise in all areas of life. They were one of the few educated people in many towns. Many universities had ministers as their president. Harvard, Yale and many other famous American institutions had ministers as presidents.

This trend stopped around the time Darwin got cranked up. With the Scopes Trial and the heightened default to science, ministers lost their rank in society. Now, being a pastor is akin to being a hick who hates science.

Psychology also siphoned off many people from the church. We go talk about our dreams and unfulfilled desires to people who pump you with drugs and happy thoughts and call it a day.

Pastors now tend to be salesmen, guys who are in it for celebrity and having a good time. There are few pastors any more who would even register as being wise. I know many pastors and, quite frankly, I wouldn’t go to them with my problems either!

Becoming a pastor isn’t that tough these days. You pay some money, sit through some classes and boom, you’re good to go. Paul has a list of pastoral qualifications that are mostly ignored when choosing a pastor. Instead we look at degrees, credentials, who he knows and various other irrelevancies. We’re using the wrong criteria and getting the wrong people to fill the roles. When louses take up the pastoral roles, you’ll notice people won’t trust them!

In the end, I’m a pastor. I do not mean to dump on my brothers in the pastoral ministry. It’s a tough gig. Tougher than I ever thought it would be. But it’s a worthwhile one. I need to do my part to restore some wisdom and trust in the pastoral ministry.

There is no possible way the church could be harmed by having more trustworthy, hardworking, biblically minded men using their God-given spiritual gift of pastoring more effectively.

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