Pastor Kills Pastor

A pastor has apparently killed a rival pastor for “stealing his glory.” Yeah, you can’t be stealing people’s glory.

Actually, I have no idea what that means, other than the fact that there are an awful lot of unqualified people out there taking way too much responsibility on themselves in the Church. One can only imagine what sort of doctrine the people in these churches were being taught.

“Trouble started at about 6.40pm when Pastor Adepoju reportedly left his residence with a cutlass and went to Oguntoye’s official residence, and accused him of casting a spell on him, thereby ‘stealing his glory’ and those of his children.

“He was also said to have alleged that the deceased rained curses on him, warning him to stop all those things.

“We further gathered that the murder suspect thereafter engaged the late pastor in a fight during which he used a sharp cutlass to inflict a deep cut on the chest and stomach of the deceased, resulting in multiple injuries and instant death.”