New Weapon in the War on Drugs: Exorcism

Speaking of exorcisms, apparently they are the new weapon in the War on Drugs.

The Mexican cartels are big into praying to their patron saint, Santa Muerte, Saint Death.

Santa Muerte, or St. Death, is worshipped by vicious narcotics cartel members for health, wealth and protection while transporting drugs.

Saint Death is not a real Catholic saint, it’s a folklore kind of thing. The Catholic Church down south there has seen a rise in exorcisms as people heavily in to cartels come for release from their inner torment.

“Exorcisms are particularly popular in outlying villages, where priests often celebrate weekly Mass to drive demons from tormented souls, experts say.”

Behind the rise in exorcisms then, is a push by the Catholic Church. In other words, the number of people coming for exorcisms is directly related to the Catholic Church coming into towns to stir up this sort of revival.

“Some Catholic churches in the U.S., instead of offering full-fledged rituals to drive out Satan, often offer “healing” services to cleanse the soul.”

Whatever is going on down in Mexico, it aint good. The church should be doing something, whether this is what they should be doing or not is up for debate.