Bonhoeffer, Tersteegen and Serving God or Mammon

We walk as pilgrims through the earth,
With empty hand, bereft and bare;
To gather wealth were little worth–
‘Twould only burden life the more.

If men will go the way to death,
With them we will part company;
For God will give us all we need
To cover our necessity.

“Earthly goods are given to be used, not to be collected. In the wilderness God gave Israel the manna every day, and they had no need to worry about food and drink.

Indeed, if they kept any of the manna over until the next day, it went bad. In the same way, the disciple must receive his portion from God every day. If he stores it up as a permanent possession, he spoils not only the gift, but himself as well, for he sets his heart on accumulated wealth, and makes it a barrier between himself and God.

Where our treasure is, there is our trust, our security, our consolation and our God. Hoarding is idolatry.”
The Cost of Discipleship, p. 175