The Answer to an Over-Feminized Church is NOT to Create an Over-Masculine Church

The Church is called the Body of Christ. That being the case, we aren’t about being men or women, we are about being Christ.

Now, Christ, being God in the flesh, is interesting! Genesis tells us that male and female were created in the image of God. God is revealed through both feminine and masculine characteristics (and yes there is such a thing as masculine and feminine characteristics. If that bothers you, let me say–get over it.).

The problems of men are not solved by becoming more like women. The problems of women are not solved by becoming more like men. Yet our society is turning men into girls and girls into men. That’s not the answer!

The answer is that each of us must deny self, have self be crucified and raised up to new life in Christ. The Church then should be a group’s reflection of Christ. Each member gifted and active in the Body where each member is different, but the whole body is unified. A well-oiled machine.

Christ was a male, I don’t think there is much use in denying that! This does present a certain amount of confusion for women. I can’t fully explain that one to you either, other than to let you know that the life of Christ can just as much be demonstrated through a female as it can be through a male. Maleness or femaleness is not the issue (which is why Christians should leave off all talk about women being better than men or men being better than women. Feminism nor male-chauvinism have a place in the Church. Neither are the issue)–being transformed into the image of Christ is THE issue.

When a group of males and females who hold Christ first get together, the life of Christ should be on display. Men need women and women need men. But never forget what men and women both really need, at the core of it all, is Christ.

There is a softness and tenderness in Christ. There is a rock hard, flinty resolve and strength in Christ. Any man who follows Christ will show both those things at the appropriate time. Any woman who follows Christ will show both those things at the appropriate time.

When the Church has people in it who are alive in Christ, the Church will be as appealing to men as it is to women. We will no longer have a Church largely attended by women. But the answer to the mostly female attended church is not to create a mostly male attended church!

It is one of the foibles of human nature that we flop from one extreme to the other. Being an extremist is not the answer.

Faith is all about following Christ to know what you are to do at any given time. There is no extreme answer that is your “do this all the time” answer. “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

Faith is all about getting rid of me, putting Christ in my place, and letting His life dictate what I do at any given moment. Easier said than done? You bet it is! But Christ equips both male and female, by His Spirit, to do just that.