Why People Hate Love

If Christianity were ever tried, the world would kill the tryer.

This is what happened with Jesus.

Jesus is the embodiment of love–God is love and Jesus is God in the flesh. He is the only one who has ever fully lived “Christianity.” He lasted 33 years before the world said, “OK. That’s enough.”

Ever thought about that? The world only lasted 33 years with The Perfect Embodiment Of Love?

Yet the world talks about love all the time. Love and Peace are seemingly the two virtues everyone on earth is for. Yet when perfect love and peace showed up the world killed Him.

At the very least this should let us know that our conception of what love is varies greatly from God’s.

When the world talks about love I think it is referring to “do this stuff for me that makes me happy.” Which, may be a part of love at times, but can’t possibly be all love is.

Jesus certainly came to give the world what they NEEDed to make them happy–victory over sin, salvation and eternal life. But Jesus wasn’t too thrilled with what the world was doing and found very quickly there aren’t many people who want victory over sin, nor salvation, nor eternal life.

People tend to want no consequences for sin, salvation from bad stuff happening, and an extension of our hedonistic life here in all it’s fleshly lustful glory, rather than what Jesus offers.

So, when Jesus lovingly informs rich people that they won’t make it to heaven and religious fakery doesn’t fool God and just saying nice stuff doesn’t cut it and many other very harsh truths, the world wasn’t interested.

Loving God is a very decisive thing. It cuts. Jesus came not to send peace, but a sword. God’s Word is quick and powerful, sharper than a two-edged sword; dividing.

Love is very much concerned with reality, with truth, with what is truly going on. Love does not play games. It is not going to lie and tell you soft nothings. Love will blast you in the face with its take on your life, your problems and the harsh realities of dealing with their sinful roots.

If a person desires salvation, victory over sin and eternal life, love sounds fantastic! I want to be rescued from my self and my idiocy. Love sounds like just what I need.

But for someone who wants to be a better them, who merely wants life to go great so get out of the way and let me do my thing, love is a tremendously annoying thing.

Love is annoying if you want lies. Love is a Savior if you want truth. Lies are easier to swallow. Truth-tellers get resistance. Most of life is marketing, someone’s spin on what they want you to think.

The world doesn’t want love. It proves it every day.