The One Thing You Need To Be A True Christian

There is one thing the Bible boils all of Christian life down to. You already know it. This aint no rocket surgery here.

There is one thing the Bible says if you do you will have tremendous spiritual profit. One thing that truly shows you are a follower of Christ.

There is one thing the Bible says those in the world can never do, because they have no idea what it is.

There is one thing the Bible says if you do, you can know you are saved.

But there’s a funny thing about this one thing: everyone already thinks they do it.

The way people define this one thing and the way the Bible defines it are two different things. This one thing that sums up all Christian living, that will lead to spiritual profit, can grant you assurance of salvation and demonstrates the life of Christ in you, can only be done the way the Bible says to do it.

The one thing is: LOVE.

I hope you guessed that already. Love the Lord your God is the greatest commandment and love your neighbor as yourself is the second. I didn’t say that; the Son of God did. Want to argue that faith or something else is better? Take that up with Jesus.

Everyone thinks they love. Most assume they love God, how could we not? We think really nice things about God and sometimes throw some change into the church collection thingy. We donate to poor kids, and, let’s not forget, we pay taxes that feed all the impoverished.

Of course we love others, who doesn’t do that? We just came out of Christmas where we bought all kinds of stuff for people. Oh sure, they bought us stuff too, but that’s cuz they love too. Everyone loves!

Except the Bible says that if you love God you will keep His commandments. It’s not just a feeling or an occasional guilt-ridden act of service. It’s a desire to please God, you know, because you love Him.

Loving others in the Bible isn’t as simple as loving your family and those who love you. Nope, the Bible nails us with, “Love your enemies.” Even the heathen scum of the earth love their family. Christians love the people who try to harm us and do us in. Even those who cut us off in line at Wal-Mart. We take it patiently, thinking of their needs not ours.

Love is not an easy thing. To do it correctly you must be born again. We need the Spirit and His fruit. It’s not a humanly-devised strategy for success. Love hurts; it might just kill you. Ask Jesus about that.

Love is not about you.

We know Jesus loved the Father because Jesus obeyed the Father, even obedience unto death on the cross.

We know Jesus loves the world because Jesus loved the world the way the Father told Him too–He gave His life for it.

This is love. This is the central point of Christian living and what the life given to Christ will reflect. Without love you have nothing.

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