After Christmas Jesus Talk

Jesus Christ’s earthly body and Ministry were a revelation of who God is. Jesus did the works of His Father and said the words His Father wanted Him to say. If you have seen the Son, you have seen the Father. “I and the Father are one.”

Christ revealed who the Father was and because of Him we have a better understanding ot The True God.

Although Christ was not yet born, the Old Testament foretells many details about the Coming One, the Messiah, the birth of the Everlasting Father. I find the prophecies to be very cool. What a testament to the credibility of God’s Word.

When Jesus was born, He wasn’t just winging it. Everything He did was the fulfill promises made in the Old Testament, some written thousands of years before His birth. There is a whole mess of verses being fulfilled at His birth.

Paul writes “Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh.” Christ was born of the seed of David. You can’t fully understand what Jesus is doing without a knowledge of OT revelation.

There was a reason Christ was not born as a Norwegian. The intricacies of the genealogy of Christ, how everything fit together to have Him born in the line of David. Yes, God is His Father, but He’s in the line of David as well. He was a real human being with a real lineage and the lineage was specific.

In the next verse, Paul goes on to say, “And declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead.”

Again, don’t stop your knowledge of Jesus with the fact that He was born! Carry it on to see that He died for a reason and He was raised up for a reason.

It is the full person of Christ and all that He did that shows who He truly is. No other life remotely comes close to the life of Christ. He is the seed of David and the Son of God. He’s both and it took both to pull off the redemption of humanity.

You could study this alone for the rest of your life and never exhaust the ins and outs of it! Don’t let the bigness disappoint you. Revel in it. Get to know your God through the person of Christ.