Flannel Shirts and Sound Theology

I am wearing a flannel shirt over a t-shirt and wearing jeans right now. I’ve been wearing flannel shirts over a t-shirt with jeans on for about 37 years.


The reason why is because I remember seeing my dad wear flannel shirts over a t-shirt with jeans on.


My grandpa used to wear that too.


For a brief time in the 90’s I was cool when Kurt Cobain and his grunge mates from Seattle took over the music world. Suddenly I was at the peak of fashion. Flannel shirts were everywhere.

But then came all the electronicalized pop music that eliminated grunge music and flannel shirts went away. Skinny jeans and other abominations entered the scene. Never in my life would I be caught wearing such stuff.

I’m still sporting the flannel shirts. I’ll be sporting flannel shirts til the day I die. I like them. I imagine at some point in the next 20 years I will be at the peak of fashion again, only to be passed by again and remain in my flannel shirt.

Fashion is one of the dumbest things in the world. I have never gotten it and don’t imagine I ever will. I have heard many a female complain about how painful fashionable shoes are. That is the height of weird to me.

I wear what is comfortable. I care a little bit about what it looks like, but not enough to wear what looks good but hurts me.

I imagine this description of who I am is lame in many people’s eyes. One of those conservative white guys who “doesn’t get it.” Fine. So be it. Don’t care. I’m warm and comfy in my flannel.

Sound theology is like a flannel shirt. It’s warm and comfy and occasionally looks good and people will praise you for being in fashion every 30 years or so. But man will you look dumb when sound theology passes from fashion again.

Much of Christianity is fad driven. People would rather hold painfully blasphemous theology than be seen as “not getting it.” If you are a believer who desires to fit in, be careful.

Sound theology isn’t too tricky. It’s pretty straight forward. It’s not fad driven. People should have seen before what it is you believe. Always beware the movements that brag about “finding” a new “key” to everything.

More than likely they are recycling a heresy that was tried on hundreds of years ago. Don’t worry about it too much, it’ll pass and soon they’ll join you for a decade in sound theology.

Stick with flannel theology. Don’t feel the pressure to believe the latest cool theology. Just stick with the Word and let it teach you. You’ll be comfy and warm; who cares if you fit in!

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  1. Sound Theology comes from songs right?…like the number of wise men at Jesus’ birth. I like zip up hoodies over a t-shirts can we still hang out?

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