Determining God’s Will for Your Life

“Open” and “closed doors” are terms attempting to describe a person’s interaction with God’s will. We all assume we are Gideon-like with our dewy fleeces leading us in God’s pre-determined path.

Christians have a fear of falling out of God’s will for their life (mostly our concern is over temporal details rather than, like, sin, which is a violation of God’s will that seems to bother us not nearly as much).

They fear the consequences of marrying the wrong person even if they meet all biblical standards, moving to the wrong city, buying the wrong house, taking the wrong job. One false step and your life could be entirely off-course. One can hear God’s GPS in one’s head, “Recalculating.”

There seems no worse fear for a Christian than waking up in heaven to give an account for your years as a pastor, only to hear God say, “Hey, you were supposed to be a lumberjack. All that stuff you did was a waste. Did you not see the trees I put around you everywhere?”


So, with this fear in mind, many a Christian has gone through life trying to determine God’s elusive will by using open and closed doors. If it works out; it must have been God’s will. If it didn’t work out; it must not have been His will.

All of this is quite tiresome.

I’ve spent many hours listening to Christian young people debate with themselves in a presumed conversation with me “what does God want me to do with my life?”

My answer is always the stock, “I have no idea.” Because, well, I have no idea what you should do with your life as far as spouse, job, residence, etc.

Here’s one thing I do know: we decrease; Christ increases. We die daily. We deny our self. We bear one another’s burdens. We love God and love our neighbor.

That’s it. If the person you want to marry will help you do this, then marry the person and get off your stupid foibles. If the proposed job will allow you to do this, then take the job. You can do this in any city.

As I said earlier, decision making for the Christian is simpler than for the non-Christian. Half of life has already been forbidden! What a relief! I no longer have to consider whether I should become a crack dealer. Shwew!

Your life aint all that central to anything. Relax. Get over yourself. Start thinking about someone else for a change, and keep your self-centered, naval gazing to a minimum.

2 thoughts on “Determining God’s Will for Your Life”

  1. What if God’s plan for our life is to merely LIVE life, but to live it in a way that demonstrates who He is and what He is like? That our path in life is not much different to the paths open to everyone else apart from the fact that we have a relationship with Jesus and that relationship reflects in our behaviour.
    What if our lives aren’t rigidly planned out in a way that we need to discover each detail (what job should we pursue; who should we marry etc). Maybe we have been given far more freedom of choice about these things than we think, as long as we choose within the guidelines God has revealed.
    If for some reason God has something special for us to do, then HE will point us in the right direction, and will do it clearly. He has not set out a hidden plan for our lives that we need to discover and implement.

  2. I think that is the idea. Our obsession with career, marriage and our stuff, has more to do with “follow your dreams” and “follow your heart” humanism than it does with biblical Christianity. I think we’ve made following Christ incidental to achieving our dreams for material comfort.

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