How to Know Whether to Open Doors or Leave Them Closed

When it comes to figuring out what to do in life, Christians have it easy.

No really, we do.

I know it doesn’t seem that way. I know most Christians enjoy talking about “struggle” and “wrestling” and whatnot, but be not deceived. Most of the struggling and wrestling Christians talk about is merely emotional angst and pompous spiritual sounding words to make up for the fact they haven’t gotten off their duff to do anything spiritual in the last 15 years.

Oh sure, they are busy, busy, busy when it comes to the things of the world and they rarely ever miss a day of work or play. But for some reason, exerting effort and energy to do a spiritual deed is taboo.

There is an obvious reason for this: People are lazy bums.

Christians are no exceptions. In fact, Christians, rather than applying effort to do good stuff, have actually applied significant effort in proving why we don’t have to do good stuff.

We’re busy “letting go” and “letting God.”

These are fine sounding words, but the upshot of them is that Christians don’t do jack squat.

Life is easy for the believer because we have God’s Word. God’s Word single-handedly eliminates most options for your life right off the bat. If you truly eliminated evil and sin from your life, you’d have quite a bit of free time.

Seriously, imagine how easy a life lived to serve the Lord and not your flesh would be! No covetousness or striving after stuff. No raunchy entertainment that distracts from what is eternal and good. No people problems cuz you just go ahead and forgive people, show grace and get over it.

Yup, life is pretty simple for the Christian. But you won’t hear anyone tell ya this because seriously, who actually believes that doing what God says is a viable option for life anyway?


So, here’s a little advice to help you make decisions in life:

If a door you open will lead to sin: don’t open it.
If a door you open will lead you to follow Christ: open it.
If a door you open will compromise your faith: don’t open it.
If a door you open may result in tribulation that strengthens faith: by all means, open that door.
If a door you open will lead you to ruin someone’s faith: don’t open it.
If a door you open will help someone: open the door.

See, it’s quite simple really! When it comes to what car you drive, what house you buy, what person you marry, what town you move to, etc. here’s my advice: chill.

In the end, choose what will help your faith and other’s faith. That’s it. Think of eternity, not your wallet, not your plans and goals, not your dreams and pursuit of happiness.

Nope, chuck all that. Simply do what is right. If you can open a door that will lead you to doing what is right: then open the door. If not, keep it closed and stay away from it. Any other door is a door not worth worrying about.

Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, DO: and the God of peace shall be with you.