Opinions Run the Church Not God’s Word

Church is filled with things that are based on people’s opinions rather than God’s Word.

There are things churches do that have no foundation in Scripture at all, yet most churches do these things and think they are serving the Lord in doing so.

Churches build buildings and spend much time and money on them, often proving their ministry success by their building size, even though there is no instruction at all for churches to have buildings.

Yes, there is a temple in the OT, but God resided there, it was the house of God. People are the temple and the dwelling place of the Spirit now, as the NT makes clear.

Yet we continue to buy up land and build large buildings and waste money and convince our youth that cleaning the church bathroom is “serving the Lord,” when in reality it is just doing a job the pastor is tired of doing.

Churches continue to spend big money on having youth programs and dividing the younger from the older. For most churches, the youth programs are the huge selling point to draw in more people.

Yet there is no instruction, at all, whatsoever, in the Bible about teaching youth separately. Yet we continue to do it and make sure we “get the young families” and keep them coming with more exciting programs for their kids.

We beg and cajole people into working with youth at church and tell them what a neat opportunity it is to “serve the Lord” by working with youth that no one in their right mind would work with. Hey, even the parents aren’t training their youth.

On and on it goes. We do all manner of things convincing ourselves we are serving the Lord when the Lord never told us to do most of this stuff.

The higher irony is that we do little of what the Bible actually tells us to do–we can’t–we’re too busy doing all the stuff we invented.

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad and a depressing reliving of biblical history. As Jesus told the Jewish religious leaders, “For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men.”

I imagine He’d have a similar message for us today.

3 thoughts on “Opinions Run the Church Not God’s Word”

  1. If we–I–paid more attention to living what we believe instead of the trimmings, the world would be changed.

  2. Whilst I “get” the point you are making here the areas of buidings and youth ministry may not be quite as straight forward as comparing today with New Testament times.

    If we take buildings then I believe that the church often met in people’s houses in New Testament times. However we do not know for example where the church in Corinth met. Did they met in a members house? Or maybe they could have met in a buiding / hall belonging to a wealthy church member? Would they have tried to purchase / rent a place to worship? We just don’t know although obviously they did not indulge in the sort of building plans that churches do today.

    Youth ministry is an interesting one when compared with today. The early church were Jewish and the main leaders were Jewish too. I believe that when a Jewish boy reaches 13 yrs old they become a man (not sure what happens when a Jewish girl reaches 13 yrs old?) and so the actual idea of youth may not have existed in those times. You were a boy until 13yrs and then became a man. Therefore by definition youth ministry could not have existed because there were no youth.

    However when we read the New Testament letters we do see specific instructions on what should be taught to young men / young women. Were these instructions given in the main church meeting? Were there separate meetings for young men / young women to be taught these specific instructions? We don’t know because we are not told. The important thing is the specific instructions that were given rather than whether they had separate meetings / ministry.

  3. I’m not going to start a new church over these things, I really don’t care that much if someone feels they should be doing these things. That’s fine, go for it. What amazes me is how little thought is put into it though from a biblical perspective and yet the assumption is immediately made that this is stuff a church is supposed to do. I wonder how much of our time and resources we are wasting doing something God never told us to do while many things He did tell us to do go neglected.

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