IMHO And God’s Word

It is difficult not to have an opinion. Even when people say, “I have no opinion on that,” they usually go ahead and give you their opinion on that.

Opinions are the way we feel about a subject. It’s our examination of the facts as we see them, and how we understand those facts, mixed in with whether we like the results of our understanding or not.

I have seen many people come to the Bible with the idea that it contains God’s opinions, or perhaps just the writer’s opinions. But God’s Word claims to be truth.

“Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.” This is an interesting verse. Sanctification can’t happen apart from God’s Word, so if you think God’s Word is just opinions and not truth, it will cut your sanctification.

Not only is God’s Word true, I think this verse is going further and saying that God’s Word IS Truth. In other words, there is no other truth besides what God says.

God’s Word doesn’t just contain truth; it IS Truth.

John 1 describes Jesus Christ as being “the word.” If Jesus is “the Word,” we must be careful how we deal with the word. Jesus went on to say, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” God’s Word IS Truth.

If you think God’s Word is opinion and not truth, then you are messing with the person of Christ and are now in deep water.

So, whether it’s women keeping silence in the church, the doctrine of hell or any other subject people have “opinions” on, we need to go with what God’s Word says. These topics may be hard to deal with, they may be insulting, but I can guarantee you they are not the opinions of the writers–they are truth.

When we begin to critique the truth, to have our opinions have more say than the truth, our churches will divide, our spiritual growth will be immature, our reliance on the Word and the Spirit will decrease, and we will become our own judge, which is real fun for a short time.

Judgment Day will put an end to the fun for eternity.

God’s Word IS Truth. Imagine if we acted like that were true?