Love and Conspiracy Theories

Fifty years ago JFK was shot into the stratosphere of conspiracy theories. Publishing new books about who really killed him is the preferred way to celebrate this anniversary. I recently heard an interview about a guy trying to prove LBJ was behind it.

Seems to me, the root of conspiracy theories is a distrust of humanity. It’s a belief that humanity is soooo  evil you can’t trust the bare facts, there must be some sinister, lurking evil behind it all. The amorphous “bad guys” are trying to keep you from knowing more.

Here’s the deal: I believe that man is evil, in fact, I believe man is soooo evil there is no possible way humans could pull off anything close to resembling a conspiracy theory.

If LBJ really killed Kennedy, I imagine someone’s prideful need to brag about their part in it at some point would have blown that wide open. People can’t shut up about themselves. People are way too stupid to pull off elaborate schemes that no one can figure out.

Furthermore, the idea that someone is hiding facts from you, that there is more knowledge out there that is being kept from you, is the temptation Satan used in the Garden. We should be careful with that one.

My bigger issue is for Christians. I have been made aware of a branch of Christianity that repeatedly falls for conspiracy theories. Generally, these people are skeptical of society and feel that they know the inside track on true doctrine.

They view themselves as so smart, way smarter than the average bear (who may or may not be Jay Cutler), that only they know what’s really going on. Not only do they think humanity is depraved, they tend to believe they are free from this depravity. Sure, everyone else is stupid, but I’m one of the lucky ones who escaped the stupid gene.


They truly believe the government wants to give you autism through vaccines. I have no idea if vaccines give autism. What I do know is that the government is way too stupid to pull this off.

I once visited a family from a very legalistic church (The women wore dresses and head-coverings 24/7). They were the first people I ever met who actually stockpiled food in preparation for Y2K.

What is it with so many Christians buying into conspiracy theories? Why are legalistic Christians the most susceptible?

The larger problem is this: Love is the chief cornerstone of Christian virtue. Love believes all things and thinketh no evil. Love doesn’t assume people are trying to pull one over on you; love gives the benefit of the doubt. (Yes, I see the irony of my statement above that people are too stupid to pull off conspiracies, which doesn’t sound very loving. But Love rejoices in the truth my friends.)

Love does not overturn every rock to prove you are more evil than anyone else knows.

It is my frank opinion that Christians should be very wary of falling into conspiracy theories, none of which begin with love. Don’t believe every diet advice or global warming or UFO or latest health scare. Come let us reason together.

Even if the government is trying to inflict me with polio through the McRib, I don’t care. This is not my world. Let the heathens fight over it.


4 thoughts on “Love and Conspiracy Theories”

  1. Conspiracy theories do tend to take center stage in a person’s life. What do you think of the theory of the Jesuits assassinating world leaders throughout the centuries and creating modern Bible translations (as seen in Chick Publications literature)?

  2. I’ve often wondered why fundamentalist Christians seem to be the ones most likely to buy into conspiracy theories. For some reason, the word “gullible” comes to mind.

  3. Followers of conspiracy theories feel like they are “in the know”, that they have some kind of inside information that sets them apart from the less-informed. It’s perhaps the same kind of attitude that leads people to follow psychics and their predictions or for christians to follow the increasingly popular “prophetic” or “watchmen” websites.
    For those people biblical prophecy about end times is never speciifc enough, they want to see the “signs” in today’s media and to interpret current events in a way that seems to give them “prophetic” meaning.

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