Thinking Church is Irrelevant May Be the Church’s Fault and It Might Be Your Fault

Making the case that people should, in fact “must,” judge the church seems very odd.

Seemingly people can’t stop judging the church. As a pastor, I have heard many judgments of the church. I agree with many. Others seem to shed more light on the judger than the judgee.

The attempt by a massively tattooed middle-aged, foul-mouthed woman to preach in church is an attempt to make church seem “relevant.” People like relevance and can get charged up, interactive and it is fun.

What disturbs me is the reality that most people don’t see church as relevant unless you spend all your time set aside to talk about the Bible doing anything but talking about the Bible.

I have never understood the argument that the Bible is not relevant. To me, the Bible has always been frighteningly relevant. Good Lord, have mercy on me.

When people say a church that teaches the Bible isn’t relevant, or that it is boring, are merely admitting they have no interest in the Bible.

Now, granted, there are many teachers who know the Bible who are as dry as sand in the Sahara. I do not blame all problems on the student, but nor do I blame them all on the teacher.

Next time you hear someone whine that church isn’t relevant, or that it is boring, look at the life of the one who says this.

I know a young man who told me church was boring and so quit coming. This young man is very excited about working and making money and spending his money on cool things.

I fear the real problem in this young man’s life is that the Bible truly isn’t relevant to his life, so he does indeed think church is boring. He lives a life so separated from biblical reality there is no way any teacher in the world could possibly make it relevant to him.

People get excited about what interests them. If the Bible doesn’t seem relevant, perhaps that’s more because your life is not relevant to what God stands for.

Seems to me, anyone who desires to know God, to grasp the Gospel and the love and life of Christ, will be thrilled with any glimpse into the Word.

Every time the church chucks the Bible and instead resorts to entertainment or distraction to be “relevant,” all they do is make the irrelevant relevant and keep the relevant Bible irrelevant.

I have preached many sermons where I can tell some are bored out of their minds and others are thrilled beyond belief. It’s not because I am preaching two different sermons at the same time; it’s because one cares and the other doesn’t.

Using Britney Spears’ music to “teach the Gospel” is not being relevant; it is merely playing to a crowd who thinks what the Bible says is irrelevant to them because they have no interest in what God actually said.


Anyone who thinks what Britney Spears says or does is relevant, is never going to see the relevance of the Bible. Yeah, I said it.

Chucking the words of Christ to listen to Britney is not making the Bible relevant; it is merely telling people you think the Bible is irrelevant, too.

If Church is boring it might be the problem of your church, but never dismiss that it might be because you have no real interest in the things of God and this is not the church’s fault. Just suggesting the possibility. Think it over.


2 thoughts on “Thinking Church is Irrelevant May Be the Church’s Fault and It Might Be Your Fault”

  1. Oh so that’s the difference! There is a difference between those who teach the whole Bible and those who teach only parts ythat agree with them!! The Bible makes things relevent. Probably sounds obvious. LCMS claims the Bible is the only authority but their writings really are.

    I appreciate your blog because you point out stuff like this!!!

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