Sin, Hell and the Love of God

Hell is a place of eternal torment. This used to be fairly standard Christian teaching.

Lately, however, the Christian doctrine of hell has become a “temporary place of mild discomfort.”

In our ever-increasing normality of sin, we can’t imagine God being upset about it.Sin rarely bothers us, why should it bother God and all His lovey-dovey talk?

Sin is supposed to be rare, it was not intended at Creation. Sin is the creation of creation, it’s our one contribution to God’s masterwork. Sin ruins, kills and destroys.

I made a B-52 bomber model when I was a boy. I took it somewhere to show a friend. I put it in the back seat of the care afterwards so I wouldn’t forget to take it home. When we got in the car it was dark and my sister sat on it and broke the wing.

She probably doesn’t even remember this. I was devastated. This was the absolute coolest creation I had ever made in my life. Based on my latest foray into replacing our kitchen faucet, it might still be my greatest mechanical achievement.

It was ruined and I was mad. Creator get mad when someone destroys what they created. The greater the thing made, the greater the anger at its destruction. Try messing with a momma bear’s cubs some time.

Humanity is made in God’s image. Our anger at someone destroying what we made is from God. He does not like sin and sin ruins what He made. Hell is the ultimate punishment for rejecting God.

Hell isn’t just the punishment for doing sin. Sinners populate heaven through God’s forgiveness. Hell is for rejecting the grace and love of God on display in the Gospel. Trampling under foot the son of God will get you hell.

We enjoy talking about God’s love. His love is indeed a great thing. It is mightier than  all other loves combined. To reject that love, to trample it under foot, makes God angry.

Hell can be avoided through God’s Love. If you do not see the tragedy and punishment of rejecting the Gospel, you will never see the true power of His love.

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