Measuring Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is a hard thing to measure, it may even be impossible to measure to an outsider.

I think when we say “he/she has really grown” what we probably mean is “he/she sure sounds a lot more like me than he/she used to!”

People agreeing with you may not be the best indicator of spiritual growth! The only reason one would assume so is if one viewed themselves as spiritually mature, which undoubtedly most do.

On the other side of this is when we know a person who continually seems to disagree with us over things and we conclude they have “gone off the deep end.” In reality, they might be growing!

One of the things growing people do is go to weird extremes. I live with two junior high girls who say everything in extreme language.

I used to correct them. “EVERY one laughed at you?” “Really, you HATE pillows?” I used to correct all their extreme statements until my mouth grew weary and I never wanted to speak again.

It’s what people this age do, it’s part of growing, of getting an identity, it’s a start of thinking. They are beginning to process stuff for themselves. They often say things I disagree with, but I let it go because I know they are just talking about their thinking, which will be the exact opposite in about four minutes.

This is what spiritual growth can look like too. I know many a person who cannot abide by anyone ever sharing an opposing opinion on any subject. Sleep flees them until all agree with them.

Spiritual growth in a person should not be measured in similarity to you.
Spiritual growth is measured by how similar they become like Christ.
Spiritual growth is not measured by how similar the become like your idea of Christ either.

Judging spiritual growth by agreement with you is as meaningful as measuring your golf game by your comparative height to rival golfers.

Height has nothing to do with how good your golf game is; agreement with you has nothing to do with spiritual growth. If Christ were first and we denied self, I imagine we’d calm down a whole lot more about people’s opinions.

There are many heretical villages on the road to sound theology. Let people pass through them. I guarantee you went through many yourself. When you must correct, do it with humility, considering your own self lest you be led astray.

Remember, you might be the one who is wrong.

“if any man think that he knoweth any thing,
he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know.”