Putting People in Heaven Might Lead You to Hell

Christians are weird. It’s amazing to me who we/they assume are in heaven.

I know many a scummy individual who had no good reputation in any one’s mind, who after death is suddenly in heaven. We’re all happy for them and we put them next to St. Peter watching the ballgames on the weekend.


Obviously the reason people do this is because no one wants to imagine their family member or friend rotting away in the torments of hell. So we put them in heaven and go on feeling chipper.

The disaster of this mentality, however, is that since we “know” that all these scummy people are in heaven, I know I’m going there too, because I’m not as bad as they were and they’re “in.”

It’s amazing to me how many Christians can’t stop talking about how we’re not saved by works, and yet their number one proof that they are going to heaven is that their works are better than someone else’s.

Oh sure, they never put it that directly, but boy howdy is it there in how they talk and go about life.

We assume we know who is in heaven and since we’ve put worse people than us in there, we rest assured that we’ll end up there too. Never once, seemingly, has it dawned on people to look at the Bible and see who the Bible puts in heaven.

Hebrews 11 is a great place to start. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 is another good one.

The Words in the Bible mean way more than the thoughts in your head.

This is a tough thing to deal with for us, but it is true nonetheless.

I don’t know if your mother, your grandpa, your bestest friend in the whole wide universe is in heaven. I do not know their eternal state and NEITHER DO YOU!

Another fan favorite in Christianity is to talk about how we can’t judge, and yet we feel pretty comfortable judging that everyone and their mother is in heaven.

Mind you, I am not saying if anyone is in heaven or they aren’t! What I am saying is, do not use other people as the gauge by which you determine where you are spending eternity.

We are judged by the Word of God. I suggest you take the Words of God seriously and examine yourself. Measure yourself against Christ, not your dear old grandpappy who you never really liked all that much when he was alive anyway.