Do You Hate Your Life? It’s a Good Place to Start

Your self isn’t as great as you think it is! Consider:

The eternal God and Creator humbled Himself to become flesh, giving up heaven for a time, becoming a servant to die for you and your precious life that was so filled with sin there was no other way to redeem you than for your Creator to die for you so that you might die and be born again. God thinks you need to die. He’s not impressed. He thinks you need a re-do.

Yet, somehow or another, we continue to believe that we are special and to all appearances “good.” We honestly believe that with a little education and elbow grease we can actually turn into an upstanding individual.

We live as though there isn’t much wrong with us, nothing that we can’t fix anyway. Our lives are our priority and there aren’t many rivals for that top spot.

Then Jesus, the Son of God, comes along, you know that real nice, smiley guy from Sunday School? He comes along and drops this on you:

“He that hateth his life in this world shall keep it
unto life eternal.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hang on now,” we protest. “I thought Jesus said, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ In order to love others, I must first learn to love myself. How can I love others as myself if I hate myself?”

Yeah, I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Him.

No, even here, we see the futility of our lives on earth (Yes, Ecclesiastes is for today). After a while you begin to just hate life, the all-pervading stupid of it all. You see your own sin, your depravity, your total lack of virtue as you listen to your heart.

It’s disgusting. There’s no remedy. I cannot save myself from myself. There is no deliverance from my own stupid. I do indeed hate my life on this earth.

As I grow in my hatred for my stupid life on earth and how I mess everything up and nothing works and it’s all so dumb, I also grow in my love for Christ and setting my affection on things above.

The life of Christ becomes what I love to the extent I want His life in me, not my own life. Christ’s life is the only good life to live, which means I must get rid of mine.

As I get rid of mine I am then able to love others and show to them the love of Christ. If I live for me, it just won’t work.

Hating your life is not some depressed, suicidal moping. Oh no! It’s an intellectual understanding creating emotional responses that drive you to Christ, to the one thing that can bring redemption to your earthly life.

Hating your life in this way is the only way to live with hope!


2 thoughts on “Do You Hate Your Life? It’s a Good Place to Start”

  1. Jeff,
    I do not comment often but only because I do not have much to offer to the conversation. But I do want to encourage you to keep writing. You help me think, you challenge me to keep examining myself and you give me good sermon material. Lol

    Seriously, keep up the good work


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