Your Life is Hid With Christ

Two real good phrases to grab to remind you what your life is in Colossians 3:3:

“For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.”

1) Ye are dead. That puts it plainly enough! When a believer is truly identified with Christ by faith, they are crucified with Him, buried with Him and raised up with Him. The new birth, the new life, takes over and the old life, the old man, is done away with. It is no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me.

2) Your life is hid. One of the applications I have heard of this is “When God looks at you, He only sees Christ, He doesn’t see you.” This is inherently false, He can very clearly see you. Usually this phrase is brought up to let Christians know that sin isn’t much of  a problem, God is wearing a Jesus blindfold, so you can get away with it.

Notice what the phrase says–your life is hid WITH Christ IN God. Your life is not hid IN Christ FROM God! Your life is hid IN God!

Christ is not hiding you from God, you are hiding in God! Obviously then, God knows what you are doing in your life because you are in Him. There is no part of God that God is not aware of!

Being hidden in God is a constant refrain of the Psalmists. God being a shield, or rock of defense, or perhaps even a rock of ages, cleft for me, let me hide myself in thee.

Being hidden in God doesn’t mean bad stuff won’t happen, nor does it mean we are invisible to Him. What it means is that we are with Christ and God has us covered.

There is security, peace, promise and hope in God, so we need never be afraid, never need worry, and never need give in to the temptations around us.

Again, if we only saw how transient, vain and short our fleshly life is on this earth and if we truly saw how long eternity is and how Great God is, life would look different.

We are not here to live out our dreams, chase our fancies or make much of self. Nope, self is pretty much the problem. We are here to be formed into Christ and let Him live through us to bring others to Him.


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