Take No Thought for Your Life

Our life is not our own. I imagine there are big time ramifications of such a thing. Here, I believe is one of them:

Take no thought for your life.”

There’s another beauty of a mission statement for life, except having a mission statement for your life might entail taking thought for your life.

“Thought” does not mean you can’t think about what you are going to do, or that you can’t plan or take precautions. “Thought” has more to do with being anxious, bogged down with cares and concerns. “Stressed” would be the word of today!

According to Thayer’s Definitions, it also has the meaning of “to seek to promote one’s interests; caring or providing for.”

Most people just leave it at “hey, don’t worry, be happy, mun.” But I do believe it goes further than not being worried. As the definition above demonstrates, it has a lot to do with putting self first and caring for you before anyone else.

Jesus Christ is trying to tell us to not be self-centered in our thinking. Try this some time! I think the only way this is truly possible is with the Holy Spirit’s intervention, a captivating love of the Gospel and possessing the new life of Christ in you.

This is not something you can manufacture out of will-power, as this would leave you in the sticking point of “I am going to put myself second today and not think about me, oh wait, how can I tell myself not to think about me if I can’t think about me?”

The Sermon on the Mount is not meant for flesh people; it is a spiritual life, only possible with Christ, as it is a definition of His life.

We must be born again! When new life takes over a person, their old life fades away, He must increase while we decrease. One sure sign you have the life of Christ is self-forgetfulness.

Take no thought for your life


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