Miley Cyrus is a Symptom, Not the Problem

One of America’s growing church phenomenons is a youth group called The Basement. It’s everything you would assume the most popular youth group in the USA would be.

Very cool. Very hip. Very awesomely loud.

The main guy who runs this deal, Matt Pitt, looks very cool and hip and awesomely loud. He puts on a good show.

As I’ll state one more time on my blog, youth pastors are not a biblical concept.

Mr. Pitt has recently been arrested AGAIN for impersonating a police officer. This after he ran from police while impersonating them and jumped off a cliff. Seriously. I can’t make this up.

As our nation mourns the loss of life in Syria today, oh wait, we’re not mourning that. As our nation mourns the loss of class in our favorite young “Christian” superstar, Miley Cyrus, let’s examine again the Church tragedy known as “youth group.”

I can’t help but point out that the slogan on the top of The Basements web site is, and I quote, “Not perfect. Just forgiven.”

Although we know the reality of the first part, the second part is unknown.

Let me point out once again on my blog the absolute inanity of such phrases. I know they sound good and your grandma probably uses these phrases in a fine way. But trust me, most people who use such phrases are merely justifying their sin and staying a long, long way from the biblical command to live soberly, righteously and godly in this present world.

Youth ministry isn’t working. Wondering when the Church will pick up on this.

Lay off Miley, and let’s question what in the name of Jesus Christ is the church doing to our youth?