Cell Phone Usage Is Sin. Yeah, I Said It. Here’s Why

Love is the central virtue of Christian faith. Love is a giving of yourself to another. We give ourselves to God and reflect this by giving ourselves to others.

This is common Christian knowledge. We know this. Yet we use cell phones.

Cell phone usage is sin. It’s the opposite of love. Especially smart phones. Allow me to pontificate upon my non-cell-phone using high horse. I do not own a cell phone and I do have Luddite tendencies, and there are reasons why.

1) Cell phones interrupt. I can’t tell you how many times during a conversation the one I am talking suddenly reaches into their pocket, pulls out a phone and starts talking to someone else. Our conversation is over. Ruined. Never to be restored. I hate that.

2) Cell phones feed pride. Are you really that important to be so readily available for communication? Good Lord, are you running a country or something?

3) Cell phones make you rude. People bump into others while looking at their dumb phone. People need to yell into cell phones interrupting everyone else in a four mile vicinity.

4) No one enjoys the now. Pretty sunsets must be photographed. Cute kids must be pictured and shoved in my face on facebook. All your pretty pictures are posted to feed your pride, you know it, I know it, everyone knows it. Just look at the sunset and praise God. People can’t just enjoy stuff with God anymore, everything has to be public. Stop it!

5) Fellowship destroyed. During a conversation the subject of The Beatles comes up, “When did the White Album come out?” There is debate, then the phones come out. Everyone checks wikipedia to find out the answer, which then leads to the checking of email, facebook, etc and the conversation is over. Fellowship is broken. Can’t we just talk and have an argument and enjoy ourselves? Why so much need for wikipedian certainty? Can’t we just talk?

6) You look stupid. Ok, looking stupid isn’t a sin, but I believe you are doing a disservice to the image of God by walking around staring at a little, glowing screen, bumping into people and ignoring the life and lives around you.

7) Lacks manners. Can’t tell you how many guests I have had in my house who spent more time looking at their dumb phones than looking at my family. Seriously? You come here to see me and then stare at a dumb phone? You should have just stayed home and emailed me.

8) I can’t hear you. Cell phones are notoriously horrendous for hearing what in the world you are saying. This is why you yell into your phone, see. Saying “what?” every 10 seconds is a waste of all things precious and dear. You are wasting my time and your breath.

9) Cell phone inattention. People on cell phones often call from places as a way to waste time. Driving home, waiting at a restaurant or any number of other activities have your attention, so you call me to pontificate on who knows what (I can’t hear you remember). In the middle of my sentence “Oh, my table is ready, see ya.” And off you go to eat your meal with the people YOU ARE WITH who are wondering why you were talking to someone else when they were right there!

10) Leads to sinful communication. Texting and talking on a phone is recipe for disaster. The Bible recommends we speak sparingly (read Proverbs). When we do speak, we are to speak with spiritual discernment, bringing thoughts captive to Jesus Christ. When you spew off and shoot out the junk in your head quickly, you will sin. You will gossip. You will cuss. You will say something you should not have said. Use some restraint. Think about what you want to say, then arrange a time to go say it to the person. It’s the best way and would cut down on much hostility in our world if people spoke face-to-face.

There is no way a person can be demonstrating Christian, Christ-like love while using a cell phone. I will not back off that statement. It is a tool of the devil and you are now accountable for having been informed of The Truth.

Thank you. Have a fine day.


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  1. If we misuse it, we do miss God’s present blessings. However, it can also unite believers from around the world!

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