God Doesn’t Really Love You Just The Way You Are

OK, one more quote from the thing I read the other day about God’s love. One more bit to be exorcised before I leave it and move on. He goes on to say,

“God perfectly loves me, as I am, and longs for me to be the me He created me to be.”

Now, again, it might just be the words he uses, but I feel like puking after reading that. I cringe that it is now on my blog. We are all dumber for having read that.

He does go on to say in the article that we are to be conformed to Christ, but he also stops and defends the “but I’m not there, and God loves me, so you should too.”

And, again, this is true, and yet from what I know of this guy, I can guess what he means. In full disclosure, he’s a Christian who defends his homosexuality.

His point is this: don’t judge my homosexuality, Jesus loves me. Which again, Jesus does love him, but we need to be careful.

Although people like to talk about the Bible’s descriptions of God’s love, there is one (at least) huge verse we skip all the time in talking about God’s love.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

Wait, people quote that verse all the time about God’s love. Yeah, I know, that’s not the verse yet, it’s the verse that comes immediately after this verse.

Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.”

Why do we skip that one? Wouldn’t we want to know who His friends are to know who He did this greatest showing of love for? I would think so.

Does God love you just as you are? In one sense yes, but He loves you so much He doesn’t want to leave you there. I love my kids and my love will not let them stay just how they are. My love exists to change them into adults who leave behind childish things.

The father who loves his son chastens his son. God’s love is not content with me as I am; it is content to change me into who God wants me to be–into Christ–NOT A BETTER ME!

That’s where the quote above train wrecks. God wants my flesh crucified and the life of Christ in me! He doesn’t want a better me; He wants Christ. No longer I but Christ! That is love!


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