The Life of Faith is Lonely

Caleb got to go into the Promised Land when even Moses wasn’t allowed to enter.

Caleb is a great story of a guy who stuck with God despite being in a huge minority. People around him did not have the faith he had and left off where Caleb’s faith took over.

Everyone and their mother thinks they have faith in God. “God” can mean any number of things to people. “Faith” means any number of things to people, too. Saying you have “faith in God” can mean any number of things and probably means next to nothing for most.

The true test of faith, and one of the reasons kids in Christian homes have a hard time knowing if they have it, is when your faith makes you do what everyone else is not doing.

At the same time, some people are just weird and always do the opposite of what everyone does and faith has nothing to do with it.

Faith means hearing God’s Word. Faith and hearing imply obedience and the Bible goes further than imply it, the Bible even uses the words interchangeably at times.

Caleb knew the land was good and he knew there were giant bad guys in it, but Caleb also knew God said they would get it if they went in it. So, Caleb said, “OK, let’s go.” For Caleb, this was an easy decision.

I imagine he was stunned at the balking of his nation. “What? Am I the only one?” Yup Caleb, you are.

Faithfulness is always a minority. The road to destruction is broad. There’s always been a remnant. If you find that everyone around you does what you do, trust me, you aren’t living by faith.

Listen to Caleb’s take on his situation and tell me this isn’t one of the coolest testimonies in the world!

“Nevertheless my brethren that went up with me made the heart of the people melt: but I wholly followed the Lord my God.”

Leave the whiners behind and follow the Lord. Have the faith that strengthens you to rise above the esteem of man, the faith that sees Christ and Him alone. Then go do what He says.