God Judges Gods

Everyone is familiar with the plagues God leveled against the Egyptians, if not because of the Bible, then at least because of Charlton Heston.

Later on, the deliverance from Egypt is described thusly:

“the Egyptians buried all their firstborn, which the Lord had smitten among them: upon their gods also the Lord executed judgments.”

It’s the second part of that verse that intrigues me.

I once knew a guy who adamantly believed the Bible taught there were other gods, not false gods, but actual, real, lesser gods. 1 Corinthians 8:5 was his favorite proof text, “It says right there, there be gods many, and lords many.”

There are indeed other gods and lords, none of whom are real, I think the Bible makes this point very clearly. But I find the second part of this verse fascinating, “upon their gods also the Lord executed judgments.”

The judgments that came on Egypt were also judgments on the gods they trusted in, the gods who were impotent to keep them from Jehovah’s judgment.

Whatever you are trusting in that is not God is going to eventually get God’s judgment. False gods, riches, other people, or whatever else you are trusting in is going to fail you. You will be judged, as Egypt was, and thus what you trusted in will be judged as well.

Those who trust in God will, like Israel, go “out with an high hand in the sight of all the Egyptians.” Not only does God judge His opponents: God delivers His people with a high hand that the bad guys will watch.

I anxiously await God’s high hand deliverance.


2 thoughts on “God Judges Gods”

  1. I wonder whether it wouldn’t be doing too much torture to the syntax to read the word “gods” as meaning “instances of idolatry” (much like if it said “iniquities”, one wouldn’t start to personify them).

    And for the juxtaposition of proof text “there are many gods” and its rebuttal, there’s nothing like Psalm 96.4-5. :-)

  2. I suppose it is possible that He used “gods” to refer to idolatry, but I’d be disappointed if that were true! I kind of like the idea that the miseries of the bad guys is God’s judgment on their stupid gods!

    There are many proof texts a guy could use, Psalm 96 being a good one, but this guy would find a way to still make it say what he wanted in his mind. “See, it still says there are gods, it’s just that people made idols out of them” or something. He was a piece of work!

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