Oswald Chambers on the Love of God

“The love of God. We have lost it today; we have turned our back on the ocean and are looking out over barren, colorless hills for the ocean’s fullness. We need converting again–turning round, and there basks the ocean whose waves sparkle and ripple on fathomless deeps and fullnesses.

“We are too introspective today. We mourn and wonder, then lifted on waves of feeling, we glow and say we love God. But again our feelings ebb and flow and we mourn.

“Christianity is not a thing of times and seasons, but of God and faith.

“Drink deep and full of the love of God and you will not demand the impossible from earth’s loves; then the love of wife and child, of husband and friend, will grow holier and healthier and simpler and grander.”

–Oswald Chambers
The Love of God, p. 17