Child of God Cynicism

I might be all wrong on this one, I’ll start with that.

This may be mere evidence of my cynicism than anything real.

But, speaking of religious generalities, lately I’ve been noticing on the internet, people describing themselves as “a child of God.”

Let me first say, that all believers are indeed God’s children. No problem there. This is sound biblical theology. (Although even here, the phrase “child of God” does not show up in the Bible (KJV, ESV, NASV).

I assume this is what people mean.

If it was what they mean, here are two questions:

1) Are you sure?

2) Jesus didn’t even brag about being God’s Son. He told people not to tell anyone who He was. Although there are reasons why He said this, I think one of them was humility.

Now, it is possible they mean something more general than saying they are a believer, an adopted son into God’s family. Maybe they mean more along the lines of Acts 17, “we are also His offspring.”

In a very general sense, all people are God’s children, His offspring, ones He brought into existence. This is kind of cool, but I doubt an unbeliever would brag about that.

My point being–what does that mean? Do people who say it know what it means, and if so, is it actually true?