Do Questions Destroy Faith?

In order to learn, a person has to admit they don’t know something. People who “know everything,” or at least act like they do, are destined to become really dumb people, maybe not in their minds, but certainly in the minds of everyone who deals with them.

One of the traits of dumb people is lying to protect their pretend intelligence. If they don’t know the answer, rather than say, “I don’t know,” they will come up with something, or at least bash you for being so stupid as to not know that, “Pssh, everyone knows that,” is the attitude conveyed to avoid showing they really don’t know either.

Christianity, being made up of people, has lots of dumb people in it. I remember in the church I grew up in there was a guy who would always quote verses on Sunday and Wednesday night church service.

When I was older, I mentioned this guy to my dad. “He really seems to know what he’s talking about,” I said, “He’s always quoting verses.”

My dad laughed and said, “If you’ll notice, he knows four verses and will find a way to quote one of them in every conversation.” Oh.

The guy had me fooled!

Often, know-it-all types assume that questions show doubt. If you had faith you wouldn’t doubt and, therefore, you wouldn’t ask questions.

Is faith endangered in asking too many questions?

I have known people who “had faith” who began asking questions. Doubts were put in their head by someone, so they began to question everything. The more they questioned, the more confused they became. They concluded you can’t know anything and Christianity was all a hoax.

Many of these people, while falling away, ask questions of believers and no matter what is said, they will have a problem with it and use it as “more proof” that Christianity is bogus.

It happens. I don’t think this ruined anyone’s faith; I think it merely showed their faith wasn’t true faith, which is also a helpful thing to know.

Honest questions, asked to learn something, not merely to doubt stuff, will only strengthen faith.

Again, the purpose of asking a question is to get an answer. The problem is not asking a question; the problems arise more with your response to the answers!


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