Asking God Questions

The absolute, most irritating part of the Bible to me is in Matthew 22:24-28. It drives me crazy. I read the Bible from cover to cover and every time I come across this passage (and it’s repeated) I can’t read these verses.

These snide testers who have no interest in learning but rather in making Jesus Christ look stupid, ask this ridiculous question about a woman with a dead husband and then marries all the deceased guys’ brothers and who will she be married to in heaven.

Oh man. I can hear their tone of voice. I can see their little smirks. I can only imagine what Jesus Christ is thinking in His head. I am always stunned at how calm and composed He is after their dumb question is over.

Jesus calmly says, “Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.” I love that, “You do err.” I believe that is King James for, “That was a really, really stupid question.”

Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, who humbled Himself in the form of a servant to take on Himself the sin of the world and die with that burden. And He has to spend time listening to drivel like this.

It boggles my mind. How would you like it if you were that guy who asked that question and have that be recorded for eternity that you, at the one time in your little life you had a chance to talk to God in the flesh, you opened with that?

It is one thing to ask a dumb question of another human, because we are all dumb in our own way. But asking a dumb question of God does not seem like a good idea.

Now, God has shown Himself to be patient with questions. His patience with “Am I my brother’s keeper” and Jonah’s problems is encouraging for us.

God is big enough to handle questions. He’s big enough to handle your humble admission that you just don’t get it.