Liars, Ryan Braun and Grace

My son has a poster of Ryan Braun on his door. For those of you from outside the States who read this blog, Ryan Braun is a dominant baseball player from Wisconsin’s Milwaukee Brewers baseball team.

This past week he got suspended for the rest of the season for using Performance Enhancing Drugs. He’s juiced. This comes as no shock to anyone who has been paying attention to Major League Baseball.

It’s a sad thing. My son has lost some faith in people, which I’m not entirely opposed to! My son is a bit more cynical now. Braun got in suspicion for PED’s a couple years ago and got away with it and maintained his innocence.

He lied. Constantly. I knew he was lying. Everyone else knew he was lying. My son wanted to believe him and sort of convinced himself Braun wasn’t lying. But he was, and now everyone knows it, and Braun looks like a fool.

Lies generally work out that way. They make you look really dumb. Truth has a way of surfacing.

There are now two groups of people responding to Ryan Braun’s trouble

1) Those who condemn
2) Those who forgive

The condemners are mostly non-Brewer fans, although there are a number of Brewer fans who want blood right now.

The forgivers are mostly people who like Braun and the Brewers and are willing to be lenient, although there are some who like him who are really hurt now. His contract with Milwaukee is through 2020, so I guess Brewer fans will have to be lenient.

Since Milwaukee is a small market team, pretty much the whole world hates Ryan Braun and wishes him ill.

Because, as you may know, Ryan Braun is the only sinner out there who lies to make his appearance look better than it is.

I like Ryan Braun and I’ll give him forgiveness. I did not like Barry Bonds and have a tough time granting him forgiveness!

I’m glad God is the judge! God is the one who grants forgiveness and shows no respect of persons. God will not be more lenient on Braun because God is a Brewers fan, nor more harsh on Bonds because He can’t stand teams from California.

God will take care of it. Let the system dole out its punishments in the meanwhile. Judge nothing before the time when God sorts it all out and every single one of our mouths will be shut. This goes for David, Rahab, Braun, Bonds, me, you and everyone.


2 thoughts on “Liars, Ryan Braun and Grace”

  1. I like what Rodgers said: that he believes in forgiveness and Braun has a lot of work in front of him.

  2. Yes, there is an aspect of forgiveness that is somewhat dependent on repentance by the one who offended. Forgiving and trusting are two different things. I am willing to forgive him. Will I ever be able to trust him that he is clean? Probably not!

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