Why Christians Can’t Ask Questions

Messy people are used by God. It is very easy for us to judge David, Rahab, Eve, Jonah, Job’s friends and anyone else who doesn’t do what we think they should. It is easy for us to forget our sin and our foibles and assume if our lives were recorded in the Bible they’d look so much better.

My initial post on all this got a rise, one I knew would come. I even hesitated doing the post knowing the rise would ensue. In one sense, I’m glad there was a rise because it meant thinking was occurring. In another sense, I think this is why the Church has been so devoid of logic. People like things clean, straightforward, no fuss no muss.

We are uncomfortable with the brutal truth of Biblical history, we’re so uncomfortable thinking about it, we’d like others to quit thinking about it too.

One of the comforts of organized religion is that you never have to think. If you are indoctrinated with how people think, you become a follower of “your guys,” all questions are answered and you can skate through life with much assurance.

If you crack the covers of your Bible, however, and begin to read, you’re going to be confronted with stuff. Stuff that will inspire questions. Stuff that will make you have thoughts some will condemn you for ever thinking. When the boat begins to rock, the rockers will get tossed into the drink!

God does not mind people thinking. God even seems lenient to those who think wrongly as long as they respond correctly when shown the right way to think (Then there’s Jonah who never quite seemed to think right and I have no idea what to do with him, but I’m glad he’s in there!).

Christian liberty is a fine thing. We love talking about it. We’re all for it, until someone thinks a thought that we don’t like. Do we have the patience and love to help each other grow and learn? Or will we shoot down those who question?

Do we have the patience and love to deal with fellow sinners sinning in ways we don’t sin because our sins are so much less-sinny?

We stand in Christ. All else is a sinful, confusing mass of destruction.